University of Houston

My appointment was at 2:00 PM @ Chennai Consulate
3 Rejections before me..
I was lill nervous... .
But dint even touch my folder....and got the VISA
I got my chance at approx 4:30 pm

me: Good Afternoon Sir..
VO; Very Gud Afternoon..How are you?
me: Fyn .Thanq sir..
VO: Can you pass me the folder?
me: Sure sir...and gave it
VO: He was looking at the DS Forms Keenly..
So, u work for ADP? (It was mentioned in the DS forms..that I am Employed)
Me: (Confidently) ..Yes Sir.
VO: So u r going to Univ of Houston?
Me: Yes Sir
VO: you got First Class with Distinction??(Looking at my Provisional)
me: Yes Sir
VO: so wats ur parents do?
me: Told that my father works for so and so firm...
Vo: do you have savings or loan??
me: Savings Sir..(Thought that he would ask for bank statement etc etc)
VO: HE was typing for a long time..
Asked for finger prints
VO: Have a nice time...
me: Ohhh...Thanks a lot sir..

Southern New Hampshire University

vo: how r u?
me: fine thank u
vo: Which univ?
me: ASU mam

vo: what are the research activities going on now at ASU?
me: on Network Security (Explained clearly) -- instant answer (ans told by me is not correct but explained in confident manner)

vo: wass ur %
me: told

I also told that am working at XYZ company

vo: wen did u joined that company
me: almost 1 year back

vo: i am issuing the visa, collect your passport after 1 week at your doorstep
me: am sorry, i did'nt get u...can u repeat that plsss..

vo: you got the visa, njoy the trip
me: thnk u

University of new orleans Dec 5th, 2008

VO:good morning
ME:very good morning sir
VO:y this university (university of new orleans)
ME:its having a good curriculum in computer science dept ,the research work going in the university is similar to my area of interest .>>>(interrupted)
VO:how many universities u applied ?
VO:name them
ME:western Kentucky university
university of new Orleans
international technological university
California state university north ridge
VO:didn't u find ur interested curriculum in other universities??
ME:its not lik that sir,actually every university is good ,but the research work going in UNO is in my field of interest
VO:whats ur area of interest ?
ME:parallel programming , its a >>>(interupted)
VO:what do ur parents do?
VO:im issuing ur visa ,u ill get it in a week

Northwest Missouri State University

me: Good mrg sir.....
Vo: a very gud mrng, hru doin??
me: i'm 5n, thanq
vo: may i have your folder?
me: yes sir..... i gave the green folder....

he was checkin in the PC.....

VO: well why US??
me: to pursue my master's degree in COmputer engineering.....
VO:Oh computer engineering and y computer engineering??
me: blah blah blah blah..........
Vo: can i have your academic marks list??
me: gave them to him
VO: How may backlogs?
me: zero backlogs sir
Vo: no back logs..... i mean have you taken a course twice??
me: no sir....i completed all in single attempt..
vo:how many universities have you applied for......
me: 5 sir...
VO: What are dey?
Vo: how many admits did you get??
me: 3...
VO: Can i see the acceptance lettters?
me: i have the i20's of two and an acceptance letter(PRINTOUT) of tamu i gave them to him.
VO: Why dis uni.. and Y not UTSA??
me: blah blah blah......
vO:Who is goin to fund you??
me: My family sir
I started explaining.....
he stopped me in the middle and asked..
vo: wats your father??
me:he is a sr officer in ECIL a pulbic sector enterprise..
Vo: he started typing somethin in the pc...
and then came the words......
Your visa is approved sir and gud luck for future......
me: Thanku sir have a nice day....

Wayne state university

VO: please come over here sir(adressing me lookin over counter 1)
me: good mrng sir,how r u
VO: very gm ,am fine,how r u
me: am fine thanq
VO: hand me over ur doc's
me: here they are sir
VO: place ur index finger on the red scanner on ur rite
me: ok sir..
VO: so,y this univ (askin very casually typin somethin on his computer)
at this point, i tried my level best to make an eye contact with the officer but he is too busy to do that
me:blah blah ..(refer to ur univ website which ur heading to for info about ur dept)
VO: asked me to hand over convocation memo ....
me:gave it to him...
VO: wat is ur grade mark in ur ug
me: told mine ...
VO: any back logs?
me: ans him (had 4 backlogs in 2 year )
Vo: gave a serious look for a sec and then asked a final question
what is ur financial status ????????
me: do u wanna see my summary report ?
Vo: its ok if u could explain me briefly
me : and then i told him as it was in my financial docs